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The Household Cavalry

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The Household Cavalry consists of The Life Guards and The Blues and Royals (Royal Horse Guards and 1st Royal Dragoons). They are the most senior regiments in the British Army and are split between two different units equipped to perform two quite different roles. The Household Cavalry Regiment has an operational role in armoured fighting vehicles which has seen them at the forefront of Britain’s military operations including the Falklands (1982), the Gulf (1990) and most recently Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan. 

The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment is equipped with horses. It is their unique privilege to meet the requirement to carry out mounted and some dismounted ceremonial duties on State and Royal occasions which include the provision of a Sovereign's Escort most commonly seen at the Queen’s Birthday Parade in June each year.  Other occasions include Sovereign’s Escorts for Her Majesty The Queen during State Visits by visiting Heads of State, and as required by Her Majesty anywhere in the Kingdom.

Although the Household Cavalry was ordered to reduce by one Regiment in 1992, the Army Board directed that The Life Guards and The Blues and Royals were to retain their individual identities; as a result of this there was no amalgamation but a Union of the two Regiments.  

This Union was formed in Windsor on 19 October 1992; the new armoured reconnaissance Regiment is known as the Household Cavalry Regiment and initially comprised of two squadrons of Life Guards, two squadrons of Blues and Royals and composite Regimental Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron however, more recently all squadrons have become composite.

The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment in Hyde Park Barracks was not affected in that has a squadron formed from the Life Guards, a squadron formed from the Blues and Royals with a composite Regimental Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron. The Band of The Life Guards are located with the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment and The Band of The Blues and Royals is located with the Household Cavalry Regiment however, this changes on a five year rotation.  

In the last two decades, squadrons and individuals of both Regiments have routinely deployed on operations to Bosnia, Kosovo and Macedonia as well as Sierra Leone Iraq and Afghanistan. Most recently HCR Battle Group has been deployed to Afghanistan for a six month tour of operations.

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