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Regiment Support Service to help homeless soldiers

The Regiment Support Service is proud to annouce a new campaign that will help British homeless soldiers throughout the United Kingdom. The new initiative called 'The Homeless Soldier Project' will look to produce and sell lapel badges with all proceeds from the sale donated to charities that specialise in helping and supporting homeless soldiers.

Below: Homeless Soldier Lapel Badge - Purchase one here for £4.99

The lapel badges will be produced free of charge through sponsorship from UK businesses. Every business that sponsors the campaign will receive a certificate confirming them as a supporter of the project. The badges will then be sold with all proceeds donated to charities that help british soldiers who are homeless or who are at risk of becoming homeless.

Unfortunately, homelessness among military veterans in England rose by 14% in 2023.  This was confirmed by a recent report from the department of housing which stated that in 2023, 2,110 households with someone who served in the armed forces were assessed as homeless which is up from 1,850 in 2022.  Even though the government has tried to support homeless veterans through it's new scheme Op FORTITUDE the figures still do not make for good reading and the effects of seeing so many homeless soldiers in our major cities across the UK is an indication of a broken society .  The task to rectify the problem is not easy as many of the organisations that help homeless soldiers seem to be spread out with some areas not receiving the same level of support as other areas. 

The Homeless Soldier project will look to assist as many homeless veterans charities as it can ranging from the smaller more specific organisations that work on the front line to the larger charitable institutions that aim to reintegrate soldiers back into society.  It is the aim of the project to help make a difference by providing financial support to wherever it is needed most so that it can provide the best possible outcome to the individual homeless soldiers themselves. 

If you would like to help support this project then please click here to be redirected to our shop page where you can purchase one of the lapel badges for £4.99.  All proceeds will be donated to charities that homeless soldiers in the UK.

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